Show all Pending Content Distribution for a Specific Package

The following SQL query displays all pending content distribution for a specific package. This will display all distribution points that are not currently in state 0 for a specific package. Replace the package ID for ‘packageid’ in the where clause.


/* Specific Content Pending to All DPs */
select p.pkgid as 'PKGID', s.installstatus as 'Content Status', as 'Content Name',(p.SourceSize/1024) as 'Content Size(MB)', s.state as 'Content State', servername
from v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm s 
join smspackages p on s.packageid = p.pkgid 
join v_DistributionPointInfo dist on s.ServerNALPath = dist.NALPath
where s.state <> 0 and p.pkgid = 'packageID' 
Order by servername, s.installstatus,